Complaint Management

The combination of the NC Management and CAPA system provides powerful solution for managing the complaints. For the complaints, NC record is created. Based on the risk of impact to customers, the NC record is further investigated. There are multiple options available for the customer complaints. Some of the complaints can be closed with replacement of products or service. Sometimes it may be justified to open a CAPA to implement the solutions that would prevent the occurrence.


Highlights of the Features and Capabilities..


  • User friendly- easy to use, easy to implement and configure. We have built in error proof mechanisms that prevents errors from happening during the use of the system
  • The system has role based identification and log in and access control, which is very secured and convenient for use. Tasks or project will not wait for someone on a vacation…
  • Workflow inbox capabilities provide easy visibility of notifications, tasks, and projects at a single place. You only see your tasks and notifications.
  • The number of approvers can be different for each project, or you can assign minimum number of approvers  and departments the approvers should be from.
  • The System has E-signature capability that is audit-able and traceable
  • Pdf printing capability with time stamps, and individual traceability
  • Can attach as many files and any type of files. The records can be created using any type of files including audio and video files.
  • No more painful scrolling or small text boxes…The users enjoy the benefits of drag and read text boxes. You can drag the boxes to read as much content you need.
  • The system provides automated reminders for the task owner, project owners , approvers as per custom configurations
  • The system provides options for creating metrics and reports. Export the data to Excel and create customized reports as needed, for management review, monthly, quarterly, or annual performance metrics.
  • Option for configurable labels for the text boxes. You do not have to accept- this is how the system works.

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