Our Partners

We value and respect our partners who have similar visions. We work with our partners to accomplish their goals while supporting our mission. We believe in win-win relationship.
Here are some of our partners we are working with.



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Factor Quality   Provides services range from developing a Quality Management System (QMS) from the ground up to helping you update your QMS, perform internal audits and/or training on multiple Quality subjects.




Following are some FAQ(frequently asked questions) regarding our partnership program.

1. What type of partnerships we are working with?

Ans: We work with individuals and Corporates as partners.


2. How are the partners rewarded?

For individual partners, most of whom are subject matter experts and consultants in the field, we seek their expertise and value their knowledge base. We provide awards and recognitions to our individual partners. We also provide financial incentives for referring new clients. Please contact us for more details regarding our referral bonus program.


For corporate partners, we provide complementary products and solutions. We also provide cross reference and revenue sharing options for our corporate partners. Please contact us for more details regarding our corporate partnership program.