Who we are?

We are a group of professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience in the areas of Quality System management, Quality Engineering, Regulatory compliance. We have real world work experience from many different regulated industries that includes Medical device, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer product manufacturing. Over the years we have experienced the challenges, the pains the users have when using the off-the-shelf computer software for management of quality systems. The systems which are currently available in the market are complex, time taking for implementation, and expensive too. The users need lot of training to use the systems. The users are always fearful when using these systems. These systems need lot of administrative supports as well.


We have designed systems that are easy to implement and easy to use. We have made it error proof so the users have only options that they need. We wanted to make sure, nothing terrible happens when the user click at the any place and anywhere in the applications.


Our Vision is to help simplify and improve the processes for our customers. We want to help our customers design simple intuitive processes with optimum number of activities.  The organizations have many different processes (and sub processes) to engage many different stake holders to create value for the customers. There are many different interaction among the processes.


If the processes are complex, it creates confusion. It impacts productivity, quality and timely delivery of products and services and finally impacts the bottom line. Often time it is challenging to understand the root causes of the process designs and process break down. Our vision is to create simplified solutions.


Please contact us for a demo and/or a 30 day free trial. We always stand by our commitment of 100% customer satisfaction.